How to Go Green When Selecting Your New Office Space

If you are setting up a service company, and are motivated to build a sustainable, energy efficient and eco-friendly business, then finding a green office space should be right at the top of your goals. Anyone with such a motivation will be accustomed with the indicators which point to the sustainability and greenness of an office space, but it is important to realize that there are plenty of subtle factors that reveal a space’s green status that you can miss if you are not in the know. The following guide shows what to look out for when choosing an office space, and for when you are thinking about the office refurbishment or office fit out.

    • Windows – Many office spaces have sealed windows, due to the fact that the internal climate of the office can be controlled and monitored more easily. It is more eco-friendly however to have windows that open, as they can be shut during the winter but opened in the summer to help decrease the burden on air conditioning units, which use a lot of energy.


    • Proximity to public transportation – The more of your employee base which takes public transport to your office reduces your overall company impact on the environment, and so giving your employees the most convenient means to arrive by public transportation as opposed their own is an important consideration.


    • Natural light – Reducing your dependence on artificial light means you use less electricity, and rely more on the sun’s natural energy, which reduces your bills and your impact on the environment. You can maximise the sun’s effect by choosing office refurbishment company lightly coloured and reflective office interiors, so keep this in mind when you perform an office fit out.


    • Showers – If you include showers on your premises, then your employees will not be afraid to get sweaty and bike or run their way to work. It is easy these days to include showers as part of an office fit out / office refurbishment.


    • Solar panels – This is becoming a highly popular feature for green office scouts. Decreasing your dependence on the national grid equates naturally to helping the environment more, since solar panels produce their own dedicated electricity for your office space, and so it is certainly something to consider. Make sure you do the calculations to work out how much electricity solar panels can provide you with however, as solar panels are expensive – work out if they are cost effective, and when they will start paying themselves off.


  • Insulation – Probably the most important point in regards to energy wastage, you need to ensure that your office fit out provides an office which does no lose heat too easily, especially if your office is located in a cold climate. Specialist office interiors energy evaluators can help you see how much energy your office wastes, and provide appropriate solutions. Energy efficiency solutions are usually cheap and cost effective, and you will return the money on your investment by energy savings in a short space of time.

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